Zen meditation

Zen meditation is one of the main Buddhist meditations belonging to the pole of mindfulness meditation. Zen meditation comprehends various types of practices whose difficulty levels usually grow with the meditators’ experience. The practitioners count their breaths so as to focus their attention. With ongoing practice, counting is omitted and the meditators remain simply aware of the present experience.


The focusing of attention on lower abdominal  breathing is practiced particularly intensively in the initial stages of Zen meditation training by monks.

This practice is called “Shikantaza “ or “simply sitting” and is considered the most advanced form of Zen meditation. Zen meditation was found to reduce stress and blood pressure, and be efficacious for a variety of conditions, as suggested by positive findings in therapists and musician. In deed, stress reduction is associated with slow, deep, regular, and diaphragmatic-abdominal breathing (Zen meditation 2012).