Dr. Toku’s Clinic

Dr. Toku Takahashi worked as a gastrointestinal (GI) surgeon for 10 years in Japan. He also practiced acupuncture treatment for various patients with chronic pain, cancer, and GI diseases, etc. After moving to US, he has been studying to clarify the mechanism of acupuncture.

toku-seminarIn 1997, he learned acupuncture at The Second Shanghai Medical School in Shanghai, China. He also participated the training seminar of American Medical Acupuncture Society at Tempe, Arizona in 2005. Thus, he learned the technique and theory of three different kinds of acupuncture (Japanese, Chinese, and American style).

His recent studies done in North Carolina and Wisconsin showed that various effects of ucla-certif1acupuncture (anti-emetic, anti-nociceptive, and anti-stress effects) are mediated via opioid and oxytocin release from the brain. He also showed that central oxytocin plays an important role in coping with daily life stress. These may contribute to the beneficial outcome of mind-body therapies and manual therapies.

In 2016, he opened his own clinic (Clinic-Toku) in Nagoya city , Japan.